Perimeter Security Checks in San Francisco

Perimeter Security Checks San Francisco

Security is an essential component of any business. To that end, given the prevalence of security breaches and data theft in recent months. It’s no surprise that many small businesses are taking measures to secure their premises. Perimeter Security Checks, for example, are fast becoming a staple among small businesses looking to secure their premises. Which will deter potential vandals or burglars. However, with so many different Perimeter Security Check Companies in San Francisco in the bay area, it can be challenging to determine which one will work best for your business. That’s why we’ve compiled this brief overview of some of the most common types of Perimeter Security Checks available today—and how you can identify the right one for your business!

What is a Perimeter Security Check?

A perimeter security check is a walkaround inspection of the exterior of your property, including your parking lot or surrounding area, to identify any potential security threats. The specific areas of focus will vary depending on the nature of your business but generally include things like construction materials and landscaping that could pose a threat to pedestrians or vehicles, fire hazards, potential threats from property lines, etc. A perimeter security check is distinct from a fire or building safety inspection in that it does not deal with interior items under the business owner’s control. A building or fire inspector will typically focus on items such as the condition of the building’s structure and systems, electrical safety, water safety, accessibility compliance, and so on.

Video Surveillance Perimeter Security Checks

Many small businesses utilize video surveillance (aka CCTV) as their security protocol. And while CCTV systems vary widely in terms of the specific technologies they employ, most incorporate video surveillance cameras that are mounted on the exterior of the business premises. A video surveillance perimeter security check is a visual inspection of the video surveillance cameras on your building exterior. It involves a walkaround of your business property, during which you inspect each camera’s position, condition, and coverage area to ensure they function properly. You should also make note of any areas that appear to be under or poorly covered by the cameras.

Guarded Walk-through Inspection

Many businesses, particularly those that handle sensitive or confidential materials, will employ a guarded walk-through inspection of their premises. This type of inspection involves the presence of a security guard who walks through the premises and verifies the security features in place (alarm system, etc.). Guarded walk-through inspections are part of a facility certification process. Government entities often require them when licensing or certifying facilities that handle sensitive materials or operate in industries with potential security risks. Private businesses wishing to verify the security features at their facilities can also request guard walk-through inspections.

Burglar Alarm Perimeter Security Checks

Alarm systems are another common security feature among small businesses. Alarm systems are often integrated with video surveillance systems or placed at specific points around the exterior of the business property. A burglar alarm perimeter security check involves a walkaround of the business property. During which you verify that the alarm system is functioning and that the sensors are in place. Also, verify that all communication lines between the various systems are intact. You should also make note of any areas that are not being monitored.

Keycard Perimeter Security Checks

Keycard systems are another common form of security entry used by businesses. While there are several different types of keycard systems, the most common involved using a card that must be swiped at a security reader next to the business entrance. For a keycard perimeter security check, you’ll want to walk around the outside of the business property and make note of all the keycard readers you find. You should also check that there are no areas that appear unmonitored by the keycard readers (such as the area around a dumpster or loading dock). A verbal confirmation of the correct operation of the keycard system is also recommended, as many people who walk by the keycard readers will deactivate them (which will cause an internal alert).

Electronic Lock Checks

The third type of entry security system commonly used by small businesses is the electronic lock. Electronic locks are often used in conjunction with other entry security forms to control buildings’ access. Computer software installed on a business owner’s computer monitors and controls the electronic locks. For a perimeter security check, you’ll want to walk outside the building and verify that each door with an electronic lock is locked. And that the computer system is operating as intended. You should also make note of any doors that are not monitored by an electronic lock.

Keycard Entry Point Inspection

A keycard entry point is a specific location that has an electronic lock. Electronic locks are great for stairwells when they are not in use. A keycard entry point inspection is similar to the electronic lock check but focuses solely on the stairwell entrance. You would walk around the building exterior, step up to the door, and verify that the electronic lock is working. You will also ensure that the computer system is operating as intended.

Footprint Checks

A footprint check is a visual inspection of the outside of the business property. You look for signs of vandalism and other potential threats. While a proper perimeter security check will generally involve a more thorough inspection of the outside of the building. A footprint check should focus on the easily-identifiable threats, such as graffiti, broken windows, etc. A footprint check is when a security guard will walk around the outside of the building and make note of any threats they find and any areas of the building that may be susceptible to vandalism.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many ways to perform a perimeter security check. It is important to check regularly to ensure everything is working correctly and to catch any issues early. This will help you catch any problems before they become major issues. And before they put your staff and customers at risk. And finally, you should contact AMB Patrol Services today for a free consultation.

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